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Mobile Signal Solutions improves phone reception for companies worldwide

Mobile Signal Solutions is an award winning multi-national telecom solutions provider. We specialise in large building mobile phone systems, developing solutions for clients with poor mobile signal issues indoors.  Mobile Boosters give full signal indoors for multi storey buildings and high value homes. We have significant experience and have blue chip clients in countries throughout the world. Our teams experience allows us give a estimate of what mobile booster system you will need to improve any poor mobile phone reception.  This estimate including a  mobile repeater design will show how our systems works for commercial buildings and supply you a estimated bill of quantities.  If the plans and estimated costs are acceptable a on site survey can then be arrange to see how mobile signal can be improved for all mobile phone networks.

Large Building Mobile Phone System
International Company

Mobile Signal Solutions Head Quarters are based in Florida, with European offices in France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Holland, Italy UK, South African office are in Johannesburg and Cape town and our Australian HQ in Sydney.   Mobile Signal staff specialise in the latest signal boosting technology improving indoor mobile signal for GSM calls, 3G and LTE by using only the most up to date repeaters and boosters available for mobile networks.   With built in interference protection and EU approved signal boosters, our role is to ensure that corporate your customers can be contactable on your mobile phone wherever you are in a building and to ensure you do not have any poor coverage on your mobile.   We have extensive expertise in the mobile phone industry and have commissioned mobile booster and repeater systems for many hotels, airports, hospitals, and other large corporation Head Quarters.

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Estimates and Surveys

Let our mobile booster engineering team provide you with a FREE estimate. To estimate what a building may require and what a solution might cost, we need the

  1. Floor plans.
  2. The outdoor coverage in dB or phone bars and how much of the office you want physically be covered.

From this we can estimate equipment and costings and you gain an idea what budget would be needed.  Entire buildings you can have covered now phased cover in stages Our expertise together with a database of local base mobile network station allows us to estimate what size amplifier would be needed, the distribution antenna system design and the estimate labour time and costs.   Click Here to leave your details and let one of our Engineers call and help.

Large Building Mobile Phone System
Corporate Solutions

We will provide a bespoke system to meet your needs. The recommended signal booster solutions are compatible with all Mobile Network operators in the world. Options are available for voice only or the addition of  3G and 4G/LTE High Speed Data.   Every large building mobile phone system is tailored to your needs and projects can be completed in one or more stages. Contact us and our Engineers will design a RF solution to suit you. Click to download our brochure here. We can tailor our mobile booster corporate solutions for offices of any size, any large residence, hospital, shopping centre, underground tunnels and hotels with poor mobile phone coverage. Signal can be blocked by old 3 foot thick stone walls. Recent  developments of insulation regulations ensure foil back insulation is the main concern with new buildings and blocks all mobile signals from entering.  Underground has the issue of mass concrete blocking signal – MSS can resolve all these issues.

Commercial Mobile Signal Boosters


We are the world's leading installers of bespoke telecommunications solutions. Installing in hotels, hospitals, high rise buildings and working with blue chip clients worldwide.


Engineers will design a commercial mobile phone system which will be tailored to your specific requirements.


Once our Engineers design a DAS and the solutions are installed they will automatically connect to all mobile networks and mobile phones and coverage will be 95% or greater guaranteed.


Choose your network and coverage range, include 3G/4G and the system will improve the mobile phone coverage guaranteed. tested on all European, South African and Australian mobile phone networks.


From the moment you contact until the project is fully closed off and beyond, we offer unparalleled personal service to you and your company. Next day on site maintenance contracts and same day response times guaranteed.


Step 1. Send plans & receive a cost estimate Step 2. On Site survey, report and quotations Step 3. Method statement & Risk assessment Step 4. Installation by Engineers of the Design Step 5. Signal Scan and Final Report Engineers


Our company is specialised in consulting, developing and expanding telecommunication solutions for enterprises. Mobile Signal Solutions offers turnkey design, installation, project management services, commissioning and optimization of networks to solve your wireless problems. As wireless technologies become the preferred communications method indoors, We are able to leverage our knowledge and history in wireless communications to benefit your business.

Our services team applies an understanding of carrier requirements, public safety compliances and installation needs sharpened by numerous global installations. Our in-building wireless partner delivers the right solution with consistent product and installation quality through our partner network of certified in-building wireless partners.

The successful completion of a deployment requires well-defined project planning. Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS)’s partners use an implementation process to ensure a successful IBW deployment that starts with an RF survey and concludes with commissioning and system acceptance.


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