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Bespoke GSM Corporate Installation

bespoke GSM corporate installation

RF Designs

Mobile Phone Repeater Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) were developed to provide bespoke GSM corporate installation for voice and high speed data signal to large areas which experience poor coverage. The two factors which cause poor coverage are weak outdoor signal (too far from the nearest base station) and construction materials. Many buildings are designed in a way that the construction materials act as a barrier and impede signal from passing through the walls and in to the building. Our solutions address both problems by capturing even a weak outdoor signal and distributing it throughout the building using a combination of active and passive components. So whether you lose signal due to a steel-framed structure or because you’re simply too far from town, we have the solution for you!



Free estimates designed from plans,

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Designs and Survey Report –  UK £412 plus vat (refundable with order), Other regions prices vary.


At Mobile Signal Solutions we will meet your coverage needs. Our bespoke GSM corporate installation can accommodate one or all network operators including 2G voice, 3G and even the latest high speed 4G technology.  Whether one large-scale project or made up of several stages, we are here to help and design solutions to suit you, the customer. Infrastructure varies from building to building; open plan layouts require less antennas whilst those buildings with 3 foot stone walls can need significantly more. Allow our Engineers to assess your building, define your needs and come back with a workable plan of action.

bespoke GSM corporate installation
bespoke GSM corporate installation


Infrastructure varies from building to building; more open plan layouts require fewer antennas whilst those buildings with 3 foot stone walls can need significantly more. Allow our Engineers to assess your building, define your needs, and come back with a workable plan of action. Our designs will:

✔ Improve Voice Calls
✔ 3G & 4G Broadband
✔ 98% Mobile Phone Coverage Guaranteed
✔ No More Dropped Calls

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• Total floors and Area per floor in square meters

• Specific priority areas identified

• Signal level inside/outside db

• Construction material of internal partition walls and exterior walls

• Ceiling type (plaster or suspended ceiling) to be identified

• Roof access to run cabling from external aerials to repeaters

• Riser access between floors

• Ensure adequate space above ceiling to run cables and mount

directional couplers and splitters

• Identify any issues with building layout or construction that would impede

cable runs or signal spread.

• Identify any remedial work required prior to and after the installation.

• Travel and miscellaneous expenses

• System configuration layout drawing and connection diagram.

bespoke GSM corporate installation
Commercial Mobile Booster Install

No Signal is No Option

Mobile phone calls are the life blood of any business, add to that the fact that all companies use smart phones to communicate via emails, tweets and all social media. A reliance on quality indoor mobile phone signal is a must.

A blanket ban would be meet with outrage and demonstrations of government tried to stop people using a mobile phone, but the new building materials are doing just that an entire blackout on your internal communications, no more calls out or in from potential customers, no more sales 10’s of millions of lost revenue throughout the UK and all because there is no booster in your building.

Installing a legal and reliable system is all that’s required, it can and indeed does cost thousands for a high-end quality system for business that need multiple staff and floors covered but the savings in lost sales are so far heavily weighed as to make any cost insubstantial.

Payback on the average commercial booster installation is estimated at 14 days – That’s 14 days and the additional sales are enough to cover the costs.

For any business that needs an industrial strength repeaters, a professional install and an Ofcom compliant certified equipment we recommend you contact the team and ask for a survey. Surveys cost £412 plus vat and are refundable and give you a breakdown of the problems and if they can be fixed what you will need and a full schematic.

Mobile signal solutions are all about ensuring corporate customer receive the best care and attention and give extended warranty and maintenance agreements options with every install. For an estimate on costs, we recommend emailing the plans and your details to