Custom Signal Boosters

Signal Boost Solutions

Our specialty is helping clients overcome the issues of in-building mobile phone reception to their premises. Our commercial division deals with projects from 1,000 to 50,000m2.


How do I get a signal boost solution?

Fill out the contact form to get a free estimate (usually within 2 hours). Please let us know if you wish to be contacted by email or phone.


When can I get a signal boost solution?

We need to survey your site to understand your specific needs. We will schedule our site survey to best suit your needs. This is usually next day to one week after the request. 1-3 days after the survey we will issue a report with the final solution, costs and time frame for installation.


How much is the solution going to cost?

Each commercial site we fit has varying needs and as such the cost of the solution can vary significantly. Our free estimate provides a guideline and our survey report of your site will provide an exact cost for equipment and installation.

Mobile Signal Solutions has a combined 50+ years of experience in cellular and antenna applications.

Apply for free estimate and site survey

Tailored Bespoke Solution

Mobile Signal Solutions has a combined 50+ years of experience in cellular and antenna applications.

Our speciality is helping clients overcome the issues of in-building mobile phone reception. Our commercial division deals with 1,000 square metres to 50,000 square metre sized projects.

 Large 2G/3G Mobile Phone Systems

Entertainment and Hospitality

Guests anticipate that, even away from home, they will have access to the communication they have become accustomed to in their daily lives. Providing reliable and extensive mobile signal throughout your grounds that supports a variety of wireless providers can make certain that guests’ needs are being met during their stay.

Hospital and Medical Research

Medical research laboratories and hospitals are among the leaders in technology advancement. However, materials sometimes used in their construction and maintenance impacts signal strength. We are able to provide signal to all areas of these buildings without interfering with any medical equipment, ensuring communication and other mobile applications that are vital to the employees and the patients can remain in use.


Have become more expansive over time, often spreading out over large campuses made up of lecture halls, laboratories, dining halls, and dormitories.  Students and faculty alike depend on signal more than ever to stay connected for information, comfort, and safety. We are able to provide the signal needed for all buildings in the campus.

Corporate Office Blocks

With enhanced design and new construction materials, mobile signal is often blocked. Making sure that you have the excellent signal needed for executives and colleagues alike to conduct business transactions is our business. Never worry about data connection and voice call problems again, Mobile Signal Solutions has you covered.

Property management firms and associations.

You can greatly benefit tenants and owners by utilising our corporate solutions to increase the mobile signal strength of their properties. We install solutions for buildings as high as 70 stories. You’ll ensure clients remain happy while increasing potential profitability.

Underground Structures.

With our advanced solutions we can bring signal to underground facilities. Whether it’s a mine or a large tunnel, we can provide the perfect solution to sort all telecommunications requirements.

Large 2G/3G Mobile Phone Systems

Large 2G & 3G Mobile Phone Systems

  • Send Project Specifications

    Send us the details of solution required, building layout and network requirements.

  • Detailed Schematics

    Our highly trained engineers will develop the perfect solution for your requirements along with full quote for project.

  • Project Agreement

    Agree the parameters of the project agree installation time-frame and provide deposit.

  • Solution Installation

    Our skilled engineers will install the full solution in your building.

  • Project Finalisation

    Once the installation is fully fitted, tested and meets the expectations of the client. We close the project and receive the outstanding.



  • Mobile Signal Solutions specialises in leasing large 2G & 3G mobile phone systems to corporations across the globe.

    Whether you’re looking to solve a specific signal problem, or are seeking a solution for an enterprise-wide implementation, our leasing programmes provide the utmost in customisation, flexibility, and maintenance free solutions for any budget size.


      • Conservation of capital: There are no down payments involved with leasing our solutions (other than delivery and installation costs), customers can retain capital for other expenditures
      • Tax advantages: Lease payments can be a 100% tax-deductible operational expense (customers should consult their tax advisor regarding how their company can best benefit)
      • Fixed payments: With payments fixed throughout the duration of the lease, customers will never have to worry about an increase.
      • Convenience/flexibility: A quick and easy process, flexible terms and payment plans, upgrade capabilities, and the ability to work within budget restrictions make leasing an attractive option.
      • Conservation of credit: Leasing acts as an additional credit line, leaving existing credit lines available for other uses.
      • Cash Savings: A lease is paid for with ‘before tax’ pounds rather than ‘after tax’ pounds.
      • Protection from obsolescence: Leasing protects customers against equipment obsolescence and allows them the freedom to upgrade or add equipment as needs change.