About Us

Mobile Signal HQ for Europe based in London, South Africa based out of Johannesburg  and US out of Florida we have all the staff needed to ensure you have all the coverage you need.
System are custom designed and commercial solutions start from approx £10,000/€15,000 and will deliver on any and all promises made. To work we need only 2 things, signal outside and a method to run cables internally. If in doubt contact any of our engineers, we have a team of highly specialised engineers worldwide dedicated to ensuring signal spread is exactly as promised in our reports, usually over 98% coverage is possible with exceptions of lifts (metal cages) and emergency exit stairwells (cable issues) having poor coverage whilst everyone else has full bars.
Meet the team that makes it happen and we can arrange a survey for you at £412/€550 plus vat – fully refundable once you decide to go with a solution.

Our speciality is helping clients overcome the issues of in-building mobile phone reception.  Our professional corporate GSM installations division deals with 1,000 square metres to 50,000 square metre sized projects.



We have Engineers on hand ready to work with you to give coverage on any network throughout your building.

We work with you through stages

  • Free Estimates
  • Full building survey and reports (£412 refundable)
  • Solution Engineering & Design
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Management
  • Professional Installation
  • Final Walk-though & Analysis
  • Guaranteed Coverage

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4G LTE 90% coverage guarantee0%
3G coverage 95% Guaranteed0%
GSM 2G Coverage 95% Guaranteed0%


Michael Smit

Lead Engineer

Lara Hoffman

Schematics Analyst

Fabian Jones

Systems Designer

Miranda Tomas

Customer Liaison

Dave Collins

Systems Engineer

Michael Bokum

Systems Installation Engineer

Jean Chastres

Systems Installation Engineer

Mari Older


Professional Corporate GSM Installations

Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS) engineeing and project resources

Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS) provides direct turnkey services to many regions of the world. These state-of-the- art professional corporate GSM installations offer the ability to provide innovative solutions to complex venues such as airports, railways and metros, sports venues, high-rises and other signature properties. Our bases in Florida, Winnipeg, London and Cape Town allow us to give the support to you here and in your location worldwide.

Finance Options & Management Contracts

Because we have such high standards for performance, reliability and understand that the right network infrastructure is essential to the successful operation of today’s business, we stand behind our products and offer 2, 3 and 5 years leasing options. Our 10 Year extended contracts on the firmware amplification portion of our wireless systems provides peace of mind and assurance that an investment today is not wasted tomorrow. . We will upgrade your system to keep pace with changing technology. Today's LTE/4G will be upgraded to 5 and 6G and we will update your system as the networks grow and build new technology with new amplifiers in line with new technologies.

Health & Safety

As technology advances and Mobile phones primary function is no longer just making calls but rather to be an all-round media device manufacturers have reduced the core components that make a Mobile phone what it is. Every Mobile phone has a built in receiver about the size of the tip of a pen. In areas of bad signal this receiver has to work very hard to keep a good signal while on a call, this causes the Mobile phone to heat up and increase radiation levels emitted by the Mobile. Our repeaters increase the signal throughout the signal area and reduces the workload placed on the limited received thus by decreasing the amount of harmless radiation being blasted into the Mobile users brain.


All systems come with a 12 months warranty and an option to provide next day on site maintenance agreement.


Devices automatically and seamlessly integrate with our systems


With our professional corporate GSM installations we can cover specific networks and specific frequencies for 2G/3G/4G to provide the solution you need.